Mortadella boiled
code: 04-200 weight: 3.300gr

Mortadella boiled in slices
code: 04-204 weight: 130gr-160gr

Mortadella cooked
code: 04-201 weight: 4.000gr

Turkey fillet boiled
code: 06-102 weight: 3.800gr

Gammon from Ham portion 
code: 06-500 weight: 3.800gr

Gammon from Ham portion in slices
code:  07-200 weight: 150gr-180gr

Pork Shoulder
code: 04-401 weight: 3.800gr

code: 04-300 weight: 3.000gr

Pariza 10x10
code: 04-300 weight: 3.800gr

Pariza 10x10 in slices
code:  04-304 weight: 200gr-230gr

code: 04-350 weight: 330gr

Salami type Hungary
code: 04-100 weight: 1.000gr/330gr

Tegea Sausages with oreganon
code: 01-017 weight: 450gr-550gr

LIBERTY sausages type Frankfurt (hot dog)
code: 21-402 weight: 450gr-500gr

Cocktail Sausages
code: 04-015 weight: 200gr

LIBERTY sausages type Frankfurt
code: 07-010 weight: 220gr-240gr

LIBERTY sausages type Frankfurt 3kgr
code: 04-010 weight: 3.000gr

code: 04-080 weight: 450gr/240gr

Pork gelatin cake
code: 07-000 weight: 4.500gr

Pork gelatin cake packaged
code: 07-001 weight: 250gr-350gr

Photos: Nikos Koustenis

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